It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver

— Mahatma Ghandhi

IV Infusion Therapy

Want to boost your immune system, reduce your physical signs of ageing, experience more energy or cleanse your blood to get rid of toxins? Intravenous (IV) therapy promises to help.

IV Therapy guarantees that the hydration and nutrients are completely and quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. At Aspen Grey, we personalize your therapy so you will achieve optimal results based on your health needs and personal goals.

Energy Infusion Therapy  

This is the IV Infusion that started it all! 

The Energy Infusion Therapy includes infusion with the “Myer’s cocktail”, a complex combination of essential B Vitamins, and high dose Vitamin C.  In conjunction with the infusion therapy an injection of CoQ10 is added  for an extra boost to your cellular energy and immune system.

Immunity Infusion Therapy

The Immunity Infusion Therapy includes key ingredients to boost your immune system.  High doses of Vitamin C and Zinc along with electrolytes and fluids will give your body that extra shield of healthy protection.  The infusion is then followed by a push of high dose Glutathione, a strong antioxidant for added immunity and to reduce oxidative stress to the body.

Beauty Infusion Therapy

Tightens and brightens to help turn back time from the inside out!

The Beauty Infusion Therapy enhances youthful appearance by generating a healthy glow and improved skin complexion. Your skin benefits greatly from hydration and strong anti-oxidative properties from antioxidants like Vitamin C and Glutathione.  These ingredients help to restore collagen levels, stimulate elastin and enhance the health of your skin cells resulting in anti-aging properties.

Detox Infusion Therapy

This IV encourages the elimination of toxins and harmful substances in the body while supporting your detoxification pathways and replenishing nutrients that have been lost due to stress, poor diet, or a long night out. Alpha Lipoic Acid aids in protecting your liver to increase glutathione production to enhance the detoxification process.

Weight Loss Infusion Therapy

Utilize your body’s fat for energy rather than storing it with the Weight Loss IV. This IV contains a potent combination of L-Arginine, vitamin B12, and other essential amino acids and vitamins formulated to decrease fat mass, increase lean muscle mass, and boost metabolic function.

Athletic Recovery Infusion Therapy

Build lean muscle and burn fat faster with the Muscle IV. This IV contains powerful amino acids such as glycine and glutamine that can fuel your fitness regimen by supporting tissue growth and repair. Whether you are looking to actively build muscle or prevent muscle loss, the Muscle IV can minimize your recovery time for optimal performance.


Dr. David Hellman
Dr David Hellman Aspen Grey Md

Dr. David Hellman is double Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Anti-aging & Regenerative Medicine, in which he has received advanced training. He serves as the Owner and Medical Director of Aspen Grey.

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