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Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.

— William Shakespeare

CORE Executive Physical

The CORE (Comprehensive Optimal Restoration Evaluation) stands apart from other Executive Physicals. Not only do we analyze your current health and risk profiles in depth, but we place an emphasis on restoring your health to optimal.

Using the latest technology and scientific methods, we analyze your health and then make recommendations on how you can achieve the best health possible. You see, Aspen Grey is a Functional Medicine Clinic that believes in the whole-body system approach; that normal is not necessarily optimal and we discover the root cause of disease and risks instead of just addressing the symptoms.

This approach makes our Executive Physical more than just a comprehensive physical.  It is your optimal health blueprint, a road map to feeling your best, performing at a high level and living a vital life.

The CORE Executive Physical

The CORE Executive Physical leverages your visit time through a customized, comprehensive one day itinerary of exams and tests tailored to your specific needs.

  • Personalized Functional Medicine Approach
  • Personalized Nutritional Assessment & Plan
  • Exercise and Movement Assessment & Plan
  • Functional Lab Testing
  • Advanced Biomarker & Symptom Analysis
  • Body Composition using Gold Standard (DEXA scan)
  • Bone Mineral Density Analysis (DEXA scan)
  • Metabolic Efficiency Testing
  • Advanced Cardiac & Stroke Risk Assessment
  • Endothelial & Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation
  • Stress Profile/Heart Rate Variability Testing
  • Neuro-Cognitive Assessment Brain Health
  • Extensive Follow Up with Physician
  • Complimentary Services
  • On-site Business Services
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Lunch Provided on-site
  • Complimentary 50-Minute Massage
  • Energy Medicine Session
  • Joovv Red-Light Therapy and Infrared Sauna

Corporate Enrollment – many business owners have discovered that a healthy executive team drives a healthy business. Call today for more information about Corporate Enrollments.


Dr. David Hellman
Dr David Hellman Aspen Grey Md

Dr. David Hellman is double Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Anti-aging & Regenerative Medicine, in which he has received advanced training. He serves as the Owner and Medical Director of Aspen Grey.

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