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Merry Christmas from Dr. David Hellman

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Origin of 'Merry Christmas' — Why We Say Merry Instead of Happy
Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone is healthy.
Over this holiday I saw numerous covid patients in the Emergency Department. A few of them had recovered but were experiencing delayed symptoms and even new illnesses. When asked, some said they still can not smell, even weeks sometimes months after recovering from initial illness. This can have a big impact on their quality of life.
Think about not being able to smell your favorite food.
If this is you or someone you know there is something you can do to help regain this sense. Olfractory training. Deliberately sniffing four essential oils 20 seconds twice daily. Rose, clove, lemon and eucalyptus. This can help retrain your sense of smell and improve your quality of life post Covid.
During Christmas I love the smell of a real Christmas tree. It brings back childhood memories of Christmas past. I would hate to lose that wonderful sensory memory.
Happy holidays and stay safe!

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Dr. David Hellman is double Board Certified in Emergency Medicine and Anti-aging & Regenerative Medicine, in which he has received advanced training. He serves as the Owner and Medical Director of Aspen Grey.